Hard to Fix Hardware Issue

System specs:
Athlon II X3 3Ghz
8GB OCZ Black Edition DDR3 1600
MSI 870A-G54
Asus 6870
CM Storm Scout
2 Seagate 7200.12 320HDD in RAID 0
Windows 7 x64 Ultimate.

120GB Corsair Force 3
500GB Hitachi Deskstar 7200rpm
Crosshair V Formula

A while back my system started to blue screen, it gave me a 0X0F4 stop code, which indicates a storage issue.
I ran a check disk, no problems.
I ran a SeaTools scan, no problems.
I broke raid and installed on each drive independently, the problem persisted.
I put the drive in another computer, no problems.
I re installed windows, but the problem persisted.
I put the drive from another computer in this one, BSOD.

Indicating the problem is the motherboard, I first swapped out the SATA cables, when this didn't fix the issue I RMA'd the board. MSI swapped me for a brand new board and when it came back I put it in and re-installed windows, it appeared ok for a few days, then I got the BSOD again.

So I ordered two new drives, a Hitachi 500GB and a Corsair Force 3 120GB.
Now I'm on the AHCI instead of the RAID driver and the problem persists.
So I pull the RAM and test it in another machine, no problems.
I pull the graphics card and test it in another machine, no problems.

So I buy a new motherboard, a Crosshair V.
One day after install, I get the BSOD again.

Nothing is overclocked. Everything has above adequate cooling.
It passes every stability test I've thrown at it.
It benches fine, but crashes at random, often when we're not at the PC.
Every drive change, I've re-installed Windows 7 x64 Ultimate.

I'm at a loss, what's the next step?
I really don't want to replace the CPU, PSU and case.
Any suggestions are appreciated.
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  1. How about the CM PSU?
  2. DXRick said:
    How about the CM PSU?

    Tha'ts definitely something I've been considering. I have a friend who has a spare that he's going to let me try. What a pain though.

    My thought is, that if I had a PSU failing, it wouldn't get to the point of a blue screen, you'd think It would just shut off or just hard reset instead of giving me a stop code, right?

    Since the detail on the stop code is "A process or thread crucial to system operation has unexpectedly exited or been terminated", I wonder if it's a CPU issue.
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