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my pc doesn't work whenever i try to watch movie online . also the battery can not be charged what is the problem ?
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  1. Is that a laptop cause you're talking about battery charging? If in case that is a laptop then most probably either you're battery isn't working properly (worn out due to aging) or your laptop power adapter is not supplying enough power to charge the battery. Also watching movie online; could be possible that you need a software that will support watching online movies.
  2. ^ what venjammet said, one of my laptops' batteries simply deteriorated.. how old is the laptop? because if it's always been quite a warm laptop and old at that, it very well could be that the battery died, because the exact same thing happened to mine, it would only turn on while plugged in, the battery could not store a charge.. and what do you mean by not work? Like it just won't load? check if your firewall is blocking in and you have the adequate software! :)
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