Aftermarket cooler for hd5770?

So recently my graphics card fan has been seizing up causing it to crash in minutes and even with the case opened, and a fan blasting it it still runs at 100C though doesn't crash, likely all the heat seems like card might be messed up, however I don't wanna drop 120$ on a new one, Is there any after market coolers available that work really well?

Also what is this RMA I hear about? sounds like some sort of warrenty thing, and as my card was bought last year, I doubt its still good.
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  1. name and model of card could be under warannty,so if card fail we use rma for a new card from maker.
  2. There are some, but many aftermarket coolers are designed for high end cards and usually cost more than a new graphics card itself! I would check the warranty card first, before trying to install another cooler.

    If the warranty is out, I would first try to just improvise with a 12cm fan and attach it via zipties to your current gpu if the original fan isn't spinning.
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