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Hi, I recently upgraded my system from 4gb to 8gb of ram. However, upon benchmarking I found that my ram is running far too slowly. All the sticks are properly recognized by both my hardware and windows. The ram I am using is g-skill 4gb pc310666 (2g each) , which has the same exact specifications as the original ram. The system is an acer x3400g ( full specs here).

These are the passmark 8 benchmark show the following:

Memory Mark
This Computer 1043

Memory - Database Operations
This Computer 32.9

Memory - Read Cached
This Computer 11717

Memory - Read Uncached
This Computer 5758

Memory - Write
This Computer 3843

Memory - Available RAM
This Computer 6092

Memory - Latency
This Computer 61.8

Memory - Threaded
This Computer 9267

for comparison, the passmark preloaded rating for "8gb corsair 10600" is 1950

respectively. I've wrestled with this for hours and can't seem to find anything wrong, but it's clearly running like 50% slower then it should. Anyone know what the problem could be?
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  1. What voltage are you running the memory at?
  2. 1.5, it's not adjustable in the current bios.
  3. in the bios make sure xmp profile is turned on if you can. you want to run cpu-z make sure ram reads 533. for the ram speed. 533x2 is 1066. use the spd tab is cpu-z to make sure the timing is set right. if both are running right in cpu-z that your ram is running fine. some burn in/diag test can act weird depending on the age and chipset of the system. for max speed make sure the newest mb chipset drivers are installed.
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