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Too Much machine for a home server????

Ok guys, I built a gaming pc may 2011, since then I have lost interest in gaming. Not sure what happened but now with work and all I am just not interested in gaming anymore. I am more interested in my guns than anything else. So now I have this beefy system and not sure what to with it besides sell it off part by part. It runs flawlessly. Just seems like a waste for just the net looking at guns, parts and accessories.

Here is the system I built.
HAF 912 Case
Silverstone OP-E 1000W PSU
MSI P67A-GD-55
Intel 2600k @ 4.6
Corsair H50 Push/Pull with dual 120mm Enermax fans
Corsair Vengeance 2X4GB @ 1600
Intel SSD 510 (120GB)
1 TB WD Black Caviar 7200RPM
ASUS Bluray burner

Currently I have dual 2 TB samsung drives mirrored, with 300+ dvd rips and 75+ bluray rips. I also have a 1TB WD Black Caviar to utilize.
So there are my specs.

My question is, is this way too much for a home server? Complete overkill? I am sure it is. Actually I have a few questions about servers.

With my current system, if I were to load WHS 2011 on it, with the horsepower it has and graphics card, would it stream all my dvd/bluray rips to my laptops and tv, by stream I actually mean would the server be doing ALL the work and the end device just receiving with minimal effort? Normally I use my wifes new sony viao which has a core i5 and ATI card inside with 6gb ram to play dvd rips/bluray rips by transferring from my big dog pc upstairs to a thumbdrive and load it on her and plug it into the tv via hdmi and that works pretty good.

But if i turned my big rig into a server would it do all the hard work to any pc in the house? Basically here is what I want out of the server/
1.) I want frequent back-ups from all pc's in the house there are 3 not including the pc in question.
2.) FULL HD media streaming via cat 6 cable or wifi, wondering if the big pc would do all the work?
3.) Lastly to have a single place to save all files in the house making it much easier for my wife to centrally locate movies,pictures,music, and files.

I welcome ALL feedback and questions. If I need to provide more info I am happy to do so. Just glad you guys are here with the knowledge to help me make the right decision.

I have built a server running WHS 2008 for my dad but never really utilized it. I just built it and loaded the software, then shipped it to him. I have also built two other gaming systems for myself and both never had any issues. I am fairly competent with pc's but servers are a new territory to me. I welcome and appreciate your advice. Thank you. Semper Fidelis.
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  1. the biggest problem i can see here is...
    how many people are going to be accessing one single hardrive, if you have 1 person ripping blu ray disks to it, another person watching blu ray video's off of it, while at it transfering backups to it... well its gonna slow right down in a hurry :P
    well now that i look you have 3 lol

    when it comes to bandwith, it has a 10/100/1000 Mbit lan controller so there should be no issue there

    and when it comes to things like servers, its pretty hard to overkill
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    Thats a nice workstation build, however for home server I think an i3-2100 would be the best option lol.
  3. Look guys, I knew before I posted this that it was more than needed for a small home media server but, I just kinda hate that it just sits up there and idles all day long and is not working hard at all.
    As I said it was supposed to be a gaming machine. Now it looks like it's gonna be a badass home server. I live in California, my brother and dad live in Texas.
    If I load WHS 2011, and give them access to my server via secure website, will my server do the work? Or will their's also have to.

    Oh and thanks for the comments guys, i really appreciate it.
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