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RS480M Manual

I have this old system with and RS480M motherboard. have been looking to do some upgrades but haven't been able to find any manuals on it to find it's parameters or limits in Memory and such. Anyone know where I can find it? It's in a Compaq Presario S5140WM with 1.256 Gig DDR PC3300 Memory now and it's freezing up on me when I try to get into facebook.
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  2. It's very close. Same family I believe. Only difference I can see is mine has the ATI Radeon XP 400 chipset where this one lists the XP 200 as standard. IS there someplace I can find the 400 MB specs possibly?
  3. I received a request to vote on the best answer on of all days ELECTION day. I doubt that coincidence but as I tried to respond to that it was a NO REPLY forum address. I did reply above to the SINGLE response I got to my inquiry and informed those interested of the situation. I got ONE response and it was CLOSE to what I had, but not exactly. I have an ATI Radeon XP400 series chip set and have not found ANY information regarding this board that tells me it's parameters. The only response I got was close (ATI Radeon XP 200) and I am able to presume that at least I can add RAM to a level of 2 Gig from that. It doesn't appear there are any upgrades or BIOS flashes available for this board to improve it's performance . While I do appreciate that much, it is difficult to choose THE BEST answer when you've only got ONE isn't it? It is by default the best because it is singular in destination, so I did not feel I needed to single that out. IF you desire I do so and close the thread I will comply and allow it to be considered resolved. I await your reply.
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