Creative xfi 5.1 surround usb or titanium!!!!

hello guys i want to purchase good sound card budget 150 to 180 $,i have creative 5.1 speakers and want decent card ,also my mentioned cards does have full support for 24bit/5.1 & also sample rates like 192khz ! i dont use headphones much so needed good surround for my speakers tell me which is best among these 2 mention any other card also with good compatibility for win 7 64bit os thx.
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  1. are you okay going inside a pc, titanium, would you prefer to plug somthing in and be done with it, usb

    in the end though, it will be worth it to buy the soundblaster titanium card and install it coz they usualy have better quality

    on that note, sound cards are really only nessicary if you dont have an onboard that supports 5.1 (even realtek ac'97 audio supports it) or your powering high end headsets or are in sound recording :P
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