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I use my nooby laptop for use on the go, and I wanted to upgrade the RAM. Originally, 4GB was installed in this HP Pavilion Dv6 3025dx. With the constant rate of RAM prices going down, I decided that I wanted to put 8GB in (which is the max. amount that would fit in the laptop). So I install the RAM normally, booted it up, and after running Speccy, it only read 6GB out of that 8GB. I am running 64bit Windows 7, so I have know idea what else could be doing this. I ran CPU-Z, and it still showed up as 6GB of RAM. The laptop runs faster, don't get me wrong, but I paid for 8GB, not 6. Anybody know what could be wrong?

P.S.- I tried switching the position of the RAM sticks, same problem.
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  1. Have you looked in the BIOS to see how much the motherboard is detecting? That will be the big test. If it's not showing up there, there's probably something wrong with the RAM itself, if it is showing up there as 8GB, there's probably a software issue, or sometimes a portion of your RAM will be allocated for use with your graphics (especially if it's not discrete graphics -- sorry, didn't look up your system)... still, I can't imagine why graphics would grab 2 GB of your ram. So I would look to the BIOS first.

    Hope you figure it out man.
  2. One of your sticks are fully fried.
    Google "How to test for a fried RAM Stick"
    The method I was about to give can be confusing, Didn't want to make you fry your entire computer.
    Or seeing on how its a prebuilt, it could be purposely limited to that certain amount.
  3. Well, just for reference, I also have an HP dv6-3000 series laptop and was able to successfully install/recognize 8gb of ram so I'm pretty sure ram isn't capped with that model.

    Did you buy your laptop w/discrete graphics or just integrated graphics? Also, when I check how much RAM the HD Radeon 5650 uses in my laptop, it says or 2 4 GB (I forgot which), which I know must be coming from the ram I installed because the gpu itself came with 1gb of its own ram.
  4. I have the HD 4250m in it, and cpuz says it is only using 336MHz. I'm going to check the RAM sticks individually to see if one of them is only 2GB.

    Update: I tested the RAM, and it turns out the Compusa sold me a Samsung 2GB stick, with a Kingston 4GB sticker on it. Bunch of scammers.
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