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I have two mobile broadband connections, one through sprint (175KB\s max up 45KB\s max down: CDMA EVDO revision A-1 USB modem) and us cellular R800 Delve (56KB\s max down 32KB\s max up EVDO? standard modem over bluetooth link), i have seen routers that support multiple sources and load balancing, but there is no way for me to put these through hardware other than my computer, i have tried software that load balance but it seems to just cut the faster connection's speed in half and not using the slower one, i was wondering if there was a way to configure windows to maintain both connections(it seems to pick one or the other and switch between the two) and a program or command line that would combine and balance them
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  1. If not possible to combine for better speed and possibly stability would it be possible to tell larger bandwidth demands say youtube, program updates, and file downloads, to take the faster sprint connection and the less demanding things like casual browsing, image search, email, anything that has files/packets smaller than 5MB use the slower Bluetooth connection; not creating a gain in download speeds for individual files but increasing the observed download speeds
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