Will my CPU be a bottleneck for a 7970?

hey guys,

i have an AMD Phenom II x6 1100t overclocked @ 3.8 ghz. i wanted to upgrade my GPU from a 6870 to a 7970 by june. i have THOUGHT about upgrading my system (new CPU +motherboard, going for the ivybridge or sandybridge-e 3930k) but my laptop is going to need to be replaced soon and i can't throw all my money into a new system.

my question is whether or not if i JUST upgrade my graphics card, will my CPU be a bottleneck to the point where the performance increase will be so little it won't be worth it?
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  1. no, generally it will be enough as a 3 ghz phenom 2 will be able to supply the cpu for most games of course some games like skyrim just don't work well.
  2. why, because skyrim is a CPU-based game?
  3. skyrim is badly coded and is very cpu intensive to the point that you need a 4.5 ghz i5 to have it not go below 60 fps no matter what graphics card you have.

    its very cpu intensive and it only used 2 threads.
  4. ive never had an issue with skyrim

    and go for sandy bridge-e, ivy bridge is basically a 2400,2500,or 2600 i series chip with a smaller die size :P
  5. i see. i'm playing skyrim on the 360 anyway, for recording reasons. this encourages my upgrade
  6. since you have a 6 core, the recorder should use the avalable cores not used up by the game

    and Skyrim is still 32 bit, it isnt that cpu intensive
  7. No,because Skyrim is more sensitive to clock speed than the no of cores.Also it performs better on any Intel cpu than AMD.
    So there will be some bottleneck in a few ill-optimized games but you have nothing to worry about because the frame rates will be much higher than 30fps despite of bottleneck if you have a good GPU.
    Therefore I suggest that you upgrade to 7970 becuse gaming depends mainly on GPU not cpu.
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