PC too hot?


My PC has been shutting down when i play games only. I suspect overheating. I installed speedfan to get the readings but dont know how to read them.

GPU: 66C
Temp1: 41C
Temp2: 55C
Temp3: 51C
HD0: 31C
core: 29C

AMD athlon 64 X2 4800

Is everything ok?

Thanks in advance
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  1. nope everything looks ok,

    maybe a little on he high side but still within range. (are these your idle temps)

    if you are worried. get a can of compressed air (hardware store) and give it a good blow out.
  2. hm...then maybe something else is causing the computer to shut down. This is idle temp. Right after shutdown, i checked once and the GPu was around hugh 70s. dont remember the rest. Any other suggestions why the computer will shut down only while playing games?
  3. does the computer shutdown or restart when it has the issue?
  4. It shuts down completely. no restart.
  5. It is a nvidia 9800 GT. I am running windows 7 on AMD athlon 64 X2 4800. with 4 gb RAM.
  6. its an anteq 350 w
  7. Heres more info if it helps:

    motherboard: gigabyte m68m-s2p
    Cpu: amd athlon 64 x2 4800+
    gpu: nvidita geforce 9800 gt
    ram: 4 gb
    LG dvd writer
    350 psu
    windows 7
  8. Those core temps are OK. The tech doc for that chip shows a range of 49--65, above which the magic smoke comes out.

    Get Core Temp and its add-on plug-in Grapher. You can have it going while you game, bail, and see what the temps were doing while you were gaming.
  9. I tried the ram. shut down again with both sticks. :(. While changing though, i touched the card and it was burning hot. not sure if that is normal or not. After replacing the ram and starting back again, here are the readings. Maybe was off for 3 mins.
    GPU: 73C
    Temp1: 53C
    Temp2: 87C
    Temp3: 90C
    HD0: 39C
    core: 72C

    I will do the core temp thing next. Thanks all for the help!
  10. Just looked at the graph. Core #0 red is 103 and green is 72. Core #1 red is 102 and green is 42.
  11. austay666 said:
    Just looked at the graph. Core #0 red is 103 and green is 72. Core #1 red is 102 and green is 42.

    If you're saying that your core temps are over 100 degrees Celsius, you've found your problem. (In my graph, red is temp in default degrees C, and green is % CPU usage.) Your CPU cooler is failing to cool. What cooler are you using, and how sure are you that it's mounted properly?
  12. So its the cpu not the graphic card? for the cpu, have the default fan that came with it. im pretty sure its on properly. Had it for a few years now and this problem just happened.
  13. initially i thought your PSU is too low.

    After looking at that last reading, yeah, that's pretty hot isnt it? are your fans still working? cpu/gpu/psu fans? looks like something is burning.

    though i still recommend getting a 500watts psu.
  14. austay666 said:

    Yeah, your CPU is acting like a pancake griddle. Is the heatsink fan spinning? Is the case ventilated? If so, get some thermal grease and remount the heatsink.
  15. all fans are working. everything is spinning in there.
  16. Just to be thorough, I think I should mention dust. Be sure the vanes on your cooler aren't clogged with dust or pet hair or anything. If they look dirty, unplug the computer and clean the vanes off with an unused, dry paintbrush and a vacuum cleaner. Don't bang anything.
  17. Thank you all so much for the help. I replaced some thermal and seems like there was a dust ball inside the cooling fan, cleaned that out real good and the temp is now steady. played the game and the core dint go over 50.

    THanks again all!
  18. austay666 said:
    THanks again all!

  19. Did i say something wrong?
  20. That was an oversight on my part. Every now and then i blow it up with air to clean. Never thought that dust would be trapped inside the fan thing. Even before posting here, i cleaned the whole thing out but missed to clean the inside of the fan lol.
  21. austay666 said:
    Did i say something wrong?

    No, you misunderstand. That's not the "dude" that means, "Sir, I suggest you reassess your conduct", it's the "dude" that means, "You're welcome."
  22. Gotcha. Thanks again for your help!
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