ATI HD6670 and Bluestorm Pro 500W PSU


I'm planning to upgrade my graphics card to the ATI HD6670. I've been reading the various postings in the forum.

I just wondered, has anyone used a Bluestorm Pro 500W PSU with the card? If yes, any problems? (the PSU has dual 12V rails, each 18amps).

Plus, my motherboard has a PCIe x16 ver1.0a slot. I think the HD6670 is PCIe x16 ver2.1. Would there be any problem in performance etc?

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  1. Your PSU can handle that card(and better ones) easily but I believe you would be best off sticking with a 2.0 card on a 1.0a slot unless you can easily return the card if it has problems. 2.1 cards sometimes have issues with 1.0 slots but not always and you wont know until you try. If there is a recent BIOS update for your motherboard it may actually handle the issue and then you don't need to worry.
  2. I Would Chosse A Better PSU But You May Be Ok, And Id Try It In The PCI-E Slot First If It Works Then Your Good, I Dont See Why It Wouldnt. And You Will Not See Any Performance Problems At All Using A 1.0 Slot
  3. Thank you for the advice everyone. I'll give it a go see what happens! Fingers crossed.
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