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I hope someone could clarify this for me

the setup is i5 2500k and board is gigabyte.. from the gigabyte utilities there is easytune6... when the program runs.. and under the cpu tab and processor sub tab.. it reads

technology 32nm and voltage (it fluctuates between 0.99 to 1.08)

However in bios the cpu voltage is constant at 1.2V

Is this normal?
Should I be worried that the voltage drops to 0.99?
Is this related to a weak power supply?

on a side note, how can one check if the power supply weaker than his system...

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  1. This is perfectly normal.CPU voltages and frequency are dropped when idle to decrease power consumption.In bios the power saving features are not functional ,hence it shows higher voltage and consequently higher cpu temps.
  2. it is normal
    it is to save power when system is idle
    you can use high performance power plan in power plan in control panel to stop it from idling
    calculate your power supply need here
  3. it does happen in bios, because windows tells the processor to idle, the bios does not.
  4. thanks a lot for your help

    I have used this calculator before..

    my question is; my power supply brand is HEC it has got the 80 plus sign on it but it is made in china...........I was looking for a way (via software) to confirm that the power supply is giving what it ought to be giving...........I am kinda skeptic since its a lesser known brand and its made in china even thought the company is from taiwan

    thank you
  5. I bet more than 50% of computer components are made in china.But that does not mean all of them are bad.They are just manufactured there.But the technology comes from their respective parent companies.
    read the first paragraph.
  6. the power supply will only give what it is asked to give, so there's no way of knowing if it can give what it is meant to give until you stress it that hard and it fails or does not fail.

    There's an article on toms that lists many brands and their original manufacturers.

    I do wish you had asked the question about PSU's before buying it.
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