Corsair 600T, good or not?

I am picking out a case for a new build, I have a few cases in mind but I cant quite pick one. I am leaning towards the Corsair special edition white 600T but there is also the CM HAF 932 and NZXT Phantom. I am going to put an ATX mobo in it and have a pair of 6950's. So it must be adequate in cooling, I would like to have 4 120's with white LED's on the 600T. I was also considering the Rosewill Thor v2 because it looks beautiful, but it is said to be cheap and overall not good. Anyone with other suggestions or opinions please don't hesitate to comment.
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  1. 200mm side fan > 4 120mm fans The 200m will run a lot quieter. This case down below comes with multiple fan controllers. It also allows you to add 2 x 120mm fans up top. It just showed up on newegg less than two weeks ago. You might find it cheaper somewhere else like amazon. $139.99
    Corsair Carbide Series 500R White Steel structure with molded ABS plastic accent pieces ATX Mid Tower Computer Case
  2. I have the 600T (in black) and it is both cool an quiet. I modded out the top fan to two Xigmitec 120s for extra cooling and run an Antec H20 620 with a push-pull dual 120s. With a GTX 470 it runs about 37 C and 50 at stress. I am now putting in a second GTX 470 in SLI and don't anticipate any problems. The Corsair 600T is a great case, both quiet and cool.
  3. Noise is not a concern for me both because I wear headphones and don't care. I would like the 4 fans on the side just to "pimp it out" and make it cooler. Would a hyper 212 evo clear the 200mm fan on the top?

    I am finding the aesthetic appeal of the phantom seductive, are there any problems with that case?
    I cant find too many reviews on the Thor so it is tough to judge it, are there any owners who might want to shed some light on this thread?
  4. by the way HAF 932 and NXZT Phantom are also champ gaming cases.Azza hurricane is also a good infact very good choice.
  5. I read a few reviews on the Azza hurricane and it was found to be "Cheap". I like the Azza Solano 1000R more, but not as much as the graphite. They look alot cleaner and sharp, I would use the window panel for show and the mesh for play. I dont see any problems with that case, but the Thor looks better. Please tell its not a bad case!!!
  6. what about the phantom and 932?
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