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just looking to update my case i have atm, its a hp s5623w slimline case, so i am going to have to stick with micro ATX and low profile graphic card. if yall could just take a look at the stuff ive picked out and tell if yall would prefer others but anything is better than 3gb of ram and a single core processor -.-


Approximate Purchase Date: soon, next week or so

Budget Range: like $300-$400

System Usage from Most to Least Important: web surfing and word processing

Parts Not Required: monitor, case, mouse, keyboard.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:newegg

Country of Origin:USA

Parts Preferences: would like to stick to AMD processor

Overclocking: most likely not

SLI or Crossfire: negative

Monitor Resolution:1366 X 768

Additional Comments: not wanting a gaming computer or anything just so i can multitask without getting mad cause my webpage takes 5 mins to load...
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  1. I can't see your wish list.

    If it's just web browsing, try removing bloatware and closing your programs. Try switching to Chrome if you're using Firefox, it doesn't have the huge memory leakage problems.
  2. Spending a few hundred on faster web browsing is beyond unreasonable honestly. It probably isn't hardware and more likely to be a program/internet issue.
  3. thanks for the input guys and sorry my link didnt work, but i think ill just move on from the slim case and just go ahead and wait till christmas and just build a whole new system. if anyone has a good setup for a slim case though maybe running dual monitors that would be awesome if you could post it on here.. i might upgrade it for the fun of it and let my parents use it.
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