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I'm building a new gaming PC for my wife to play SWTOR on and would like to know if for the price (around $800) you'd do anything differently. Also do you think all of the components I've selected will work well together.

2500k i5 $199
Asrock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 $125
Patriot G2 8GB DDR3 1333 (2X4gb) $36* rebate
XFX HD-695X-CNFC Radeon HD 6950 $239* rebate
Samsung F3 1tb $59
Cooler Master-RS 850 $89
HAF 912 $49

Total = $796

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Sorry I should have read the FAQ before posting. I'll reply tomorrow, thanks.
  2. 500w would be enough for a single card set up, 750w for SLI. Recommended PSU brands include: XFX, Corsair, Antec, SeaSonic, CoolerMaster (Silent Pro Range).

    From what I saw at GAMEFEST in the UK, I had a chance to play SWTOR on an AlienWare laptop, nothing too fancy, and it ran just fine. The game isn't too graphically intensive and i reckon you could get away with spending quite a bit less on your build if this game is the only purpose. Something like a 6870 GPU should be more than sufficient.
  3. Yeah you should be fine. Bioware has spent ALOT of time on optimization. Got in the beta, and could run max with a NVIDIA 240m, i7 1.60ghz. You will be perfectly fine.

    I'm pretty excited for the game my self :bounce: Another Game for me and the girlfriend to play together :wahoo:
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