sup guys. i have a new build coming together but it could be a couple weeks till i can get myself a new cpu. i have the following items so far for my build.

i have gigabyte 990fxa mobo.
thermaltake a60 amd edition case
750w corsair psu
16gb g.skill (on the way)

the current computer i am using has a sempron 140 2.7ghz processor. my new mobo says it supports sempron 100 series? would it be compatable or would it still be slow as christmas and not worth my time?

also when i finish my build can i just take my HDD out of my old case and slap it into the new one and have the OS and all that good stuff on there, or would have to buy a new case..

and also i use a slim Case atm. the optical drive looks the same size as the new case but just for save measure will it fit? if not they are only $20 bucks and go ahead and order one.
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  1. The Sempron is still going to be slow. If the HDD and Optical drive are both SATA drives they should both fit the new case and work with the new board but the OS needs to be at minimum repair installed and re activated because of change in hardware.
  2. thats what i figured about the cpu. just had to ask, would i just reinstall/clean install windows? and yes the HDD and optical drive both have sata as far as i know.. thanks tho man
  3. It is recommended to do a clean install with format and everything but in some instances the repair install is enough it will not erase other data installed on the drive.
  4. alright well ill see what i can do once i order my CPU. ill be sure to repair it before clean install. thanks for that info
  5. if you use a slim case you will have to get a new atx case

    you can use your old hdd in the new build

    the sempron will work, but you will need to upgrade the cpu when your pockets can handle it because until you do it will feel just as slow
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