Computer wont turn on after I unpluged and then pluged in motherboard.

Hi everyone.

Pls, pls help me, I know this question will sound very stupid but I am at a loss..

The thing is, I was planing to update the hardware of my PC, and as a test run, since I never did this before, I decided to take out the motherboard of an old PC and put it back in.

When I did that, it would not turn on anymore. I mean nothing, just silence. I was sure that it was because I could not figure out where to put the pin for the power switch. So I opened an other computer and literally did nothing more then take out, and put the pin back in. (The one connecting the motherboard to the power switch (not supply)).

Now the second one is not working either...

So am I missing something? could it be that something like jumpers or something like that would reset itself after taking out the pin? Because thats all I did, and while I am no expert, I have replaced ram, graphics card, sound card and the likes often enough....

Pls anyone have any idea what could be the reason???
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  1. Many things could be happening, let's try to sort things out

    Did you connect the 24 pin power supply cable to the motherboard? This gives the motherboard power, without it it won't turn on.

    Also static discharge could be a possibility.
  2. Yes, the 24 pin is correct, as I said I would understand it the first PC did not work, I did a lot of things there... but the second one with exactly the same problem is quite baffling... As I said, I did nothing there other that take out a pin and put it back in...

    and the static discharge... I replaced a lot of things before and never had that problem... now twice in a row would be very unlucky indeed...
  3. Donno why or how, but it works now (on both). :)
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