P67A-GD65 - won't come on (not typical issue with this board)

I have a MSI P67A-GD65 B3.

This board is "infamous" for going into a booting loop which is typically caused by not having things properly connected. My board has worked fine for 18 months.

I recently moved. My PC was very carefully handled. I set it up at the new house, and the first screen I see is a new sort of booting screen. Unfortunately, I didn't pay too much mind to it (I should have!). It went through a cycle of recognizing the devices, finding them!, and told me to press any key to continue and start windows.

Moments later, I restarted my computer, wanting to see if I'd see that screen again.

Here it went into the infinite power cycle that the board is infamous for.

I shut it off, and turned it back on and nothing, nada. Nothing powers up, no lights. It might as well not be plugged in.

I hoped it was my PSU, a corsair 750w. So I replaced it. I actually got a helluva deal on a new case and new PSU so I transferred everything to the new case (new wires all around!) and nothing, nada. Power button doesn't do a lick.

So I can rest assured it's not my PSU which narrows it down to... well I don't know a whole lot about hardware but it's sounding a whole lot like it is my motherboard, right? Is there anything else I can test first? I got a great deal on the case/psu but can't really afford a new mobo atm.
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  1. try forcing a cmos beep/power on. take your video card out and all your ram but one stick. start it in the a0 slot and see if the mb will beep. if not try clearing the cmos. if it will not power on or beep take the heat sink off and reseat the cpu. on the newer intel chip it does not take much for them to pop off the pins of the mb and not post. also try booting it with just the mb and ram and cpu sitting outside the case. if you dont get any beeps. (all the power is connected right). see if the mb is still under warranty and can be rma.
  2. I'm trying all of these things right now, but want to ask one thing.

    These things can cause the computer not to power on at all? As if it wasn't plugged in?

    Just checking, I certainly hope the answer is here.
  3. Sadly, none of that worked. Simply nothing is happening.

    I've also replace the power cord (did that early on as I had a few spares).

    I'll be replacing the motherboard as soon as I can.. Any other ideas are welcome though I think it's nearly insisting it's the motherboard now.
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