Need power supply for Shuttle XPC SN85G4

I have a crashing problem with my XPC that some think is a bad power supply so i need a replacement power supply for my Shuttle XPC SN85G4 but this is no longer available from Shuttle. Any ideas on what might fit the original case?
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  1. Thanks for the links; I'd never have thought to look on Amazon and that one appears to be the exact replacement. The newegg unit is a lot cheaper, but I'll have to pull the original and measure to see if it would fit; at the time mine started crashing there were posts of folks using other replacements but having to modify the Shuttle case to get them in.

    I did a search by the maker and model number listed on Amazon and all responses lead right back to Amazon with no external dimensions given, but one reviewer said it worked fine.

    I did another search by "SN85G4V3 power supply" and found a couple more including one on eBay from KDMPOWER in Texas that says their 300 watt unit is an exact replacement too for $65. Anyone had experience with KDMPOWER?

    Thanks again for the links and getting me to go looking again.
  2. I found another 240 Watt PSU replacement on line that listed the dimensions and the NewEgg unit did not match and was only 200 watts, so I decided to go ahead with the 300 watt replacement listed at .

    I'll report back after it arrives in case anyone else is looking for a PSU for their Shuttle and finds this thread.
  3. To follow up, after corresponding with the eBay PSU seller, his won't fit because it is "too tall" at 3.2 inches where the original is 2.5 inches. MY shuttle takes a unique one with PN PC35I2402 used in about 10 Shuttle models.

    I did find two other vendors on line that sell an exact replacement for $70. One is and the other is Amazon also has one listed at $96
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