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Hey guys,
just wondering if any of you have found some good bf3 benchmark charts. I am planning on building only early next year but feel like I might as well get an idea of things beforehand. Can someone recommend some components that will be able to play bf3 at about 40-50 fps on high, 30+ on ultra??
My budget is +-$800. If you could find components that allow me to do those frames at a lower price than my budget that would be great. I am a student and am looking to save as much as possible. Note: I do not require keyboard/mouse, optical drive, hard drive or monitor.

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  1. GTX 560Ti meets your requirements in terms of the BETA.

    My 560Ti OC'd to 950 MHz was running the BETA at 35+ FPS on ULTRA and 45+ on HIGH. I presume 6950 would perform the same/very similar.

    If funds allow it, maybe push for 570 or 6970 although based on $800 this is probably unlikely.
  2. Thats awesome cuz I was thinking of getting a very similar set up to yours :) But that might change when bulldozer cpu comes out. What I was planning on doing was buying a 6950 1gb and unlocking the shaders. I am very tempted to buy a powercolor 6950 since its more than $50 cheaper than any other brand, but is powercolor reliable enough for unlocking and OC'ing to 6970 standard??
  3. I've no experience with over-clocking ATI cards so I cant really advise you there.

    I'm very eager to see how the similarly priced BullDozer CPUs compare to the i5-2500k.
  4. Yes, GTX460 would be a good deal for money..!!
    You can even go for ATI radeon HD6850 1GB.
  5. hmmm.... according to the youtube vid and what the dude had to say the 460 with 1055t seemed reasonably sufficient. Although, the final game will more likely be more demanding....
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  7. Quote:
    dont bother with the thurban

    not a gaming cpu imo

    BD cpu or i5 2500k are the way to go

    560ti is the recommended gpu for HIGH for the actual BF3 game. If he is getting 35fps on ultra in the beta, expect that to drop into 20's for the actual game.

    the 1055t actually gets better benchmarks than the i5, for bf3 in particular, simply because it loves the extra cores. and its half a bill less expensive to boot.
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