AMD HD3D using Acer GD235HZbid monitor?

I just nabbed a Acer GD235HZbid for under 200 bucks because I wanted a new 120hz monitor, 3d or not. I would like to know if I've lucked out and gotten a monitor I can use HD3D on (despite it not being in the 'supported hardware' list and being branded with Nvidia 3DVision), or if I just got a good 120hz 1080p monitor.
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  1. EDIT: It turns out that it does not support HDMI 1.4a. It will not work with HD3D from ATI.
  2. Here is a couple monitors to check out if you want the HDMI 1.4a compatibility.

    Also the monitor I have: 27" ACER HN274Hbmii 3D monitor
  3. So I need HDMI 1.4 for AMD 3d? That's a bummer. Oh well, at least I finally joined the 120hz crowd... maybe I could swap out my 6870s for something from Nvidia...

    I've tried anaglyph (red and green glasses) 3d on my current monitor using the IZ3D driver... does having a 120hz display open up any more options (if not quite true 3d) for me whatsoever? Or do I just have a higher refresh rate now?
  4. You just have a higher refresh rate, unless you get an Nvidia card. Nvidia 3D vision is a lot better than AMD's HD3d anyways.

    And for AMD's HD3D it's required to have HDMI 1.4a. The 'a' is important. Most if not all new monitors have HDMI 1.4, only a handful have 1.4a.
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