CPU overheating with Crossfire and new PSU

Hello, any suggestions would be nice. I recently added a radeon HD 6870 to my case to crossfire with other 6870 and while gaming my 700W PSU went out. I went out got a 900 PSU and put everything together but now my CPU is running hot whenever I game even w/o OC. I was able to previously with my 700 W PSU to OC to 4.5 and not reach core temperatures above 75 C when gaming.

My temp. for GPUs are all normal and my system temperature is good as well, but my CPU idles at 50 C ~ 57 C and gets to 80 C while gaming.

I don't think airflow is a problem as nothing else but the CPU is overheating and I did not re-seat my CPU so I don't think seating or heat sink is the issue.

I bought the system from Ibuypower and it is cooled with their standard liquid cooling system, don't know name.

My system is:

Motherboard: Gigabyte Z68A-D3-B3

CPU: Intel Sandybridge 2600k

GPU: 2x Radeon 6870 Sapphire

PSU: Antec 900W (seats on the bottom of the case)

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
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  1. That is odd, as your system has the closed loop liquid cooling. For now, you could go back to stock clocks, the i7 is plenty fast as it is.
  2. That is my problem, I am at stock now and my CPU temp is mid 50 C.
  3. This could happen because CF increases CPU usage during gaming.Therefore during gaming CPU heats more than before.However the temps shown during cpu benchmark like prime 95 should remain same as before.
  4. case airflow anyone ,i managed to run2 hot 4850 and a q9400 overclocked to 3.4 with a coolermaster 212 with out heat issues but i atleast had plenty of fans feeding it air,thats in aus on hot summer days too although the gpus were alot noisier so they were running hotter but never over 60c. thats all in a shitty 6 year old no name case
  5. I have good airflow going and my GPUs are very good temperatures, it is just my CPU that overheats. I read 80 C on the 2600 K is acceptable, but it can reach 87 C or higher during gaming and I don't think that is good :(

    I thought maybe crossfire too, but I didn't think it would effect the 2600k like that, maybe something in bios I can tweak? Currently I am running the CPU at stock, no overclocking.
  6. if your running water cooling remember if your radiator is at the back of your case it will be sucking out all the hot from your video cards too and pushing that over the radiator so its not the most efficient cooling i dont know your setup but if you dont have a second fan on ur radiator eg push pull configuration that may help.just another reason why i cant be arsed with watercooling air cooling is just as good these days unless u build a full custom loop. video cards make plenty of heat and 2 of them together sitting right next to a cpu you have to take alot of things into consideration. also remember like one of the other poster said your cpu can stretch its legs a bit more cos it isnt as heavily gpu bottlenecked. remember you can run prime as much as you want for stress and temp testing but your not adding all the extra heat etc till you run furmark at the same time maybe you should try that and arrange your case and cooling around that. also check your cable management so the fans have a nice clean flow of air
  7. also you never bumped your heat block installing the gpu's and upset ur T I M maybe you need to reseat that too
  8. Run OCCT CPU / GPU tests and watch both temps AND voltages during .... program will graph the results at end. Look for anything oddball especially voltage variations...

    Ya don't perhaps have one of those GPU's that exhaust air into the case ?

    Next test .....

    Take off side window and use one of these..... or something like it to blow air on the case innards .... if problem goes away, case cooling is the issue.

  9. My GPU fans blow downward, so one card blows down on the other and blows down on the PSU. My water cooling has two fans working together and I have two big fans on top of the case as well that is blowing air out.

    I started trying to trouble shoot a bit and took out one of the video cards to see if maybe crossfire was putting extra stress, and my temp of my CPU actually went up a little bit by taking a card out :pt1cable: .

    I am going to try getting a fan to blow into the case to see if it is an airflow problem because I did mess with my wires to get the new power supply in, but I did have the common sense to tie things together to prevent crowding. I will take a picture tomorrow of the inside of my case and post it to see if anyone thinks I mess up grouping my wires, but I think I did a pretty good job.

    Thanks for the replies in helping me figure this out, it is driving me insane and I don't want to risk gaming with a CPU at 86 C.
  10. are u sure about ur gpu blowing down thats not normal they intake air from below and exhaust it either out the sides or out the back of your case if you have reference design more than likely the first option, besides the fact hot air rises (convection) so either way its more than likely on its way up. maybe just get a smaller fan eg 80mm sit it on like a 45 degree angle blowing over ur vrms etc that are hot around ur cpu, the angle so it blows on the hot area but also directs it to ur exhausts so the heats out asap. when i was rocking dual 4850's in the day i had a 120mm sitting directly over the gpu's in the side panel of the case exhausting. it made an awesome foot warmer in winter. the more you can lower the ambient temp in ur case the better
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