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I've been looking at upgrading now it seems the upgrade has been forced upon me as my old DeathAdder (1800dpi) has been destroyed by my new dog. I use two computers to play video games, a 2008 Intel based Macbook and a Windows 7 HP computer. The DeathAdder has support for both platforms, but the mouse I was looking at getting was the Corsair M60, which only has support on Windows, even though I know most people say that the software is garbage. THe reason I am contemplating the M60 is because it has the sniper button, and one of the three games I play is Battlefield 3, the others being World of Warcraft and Skyrim. I like the option of having the "sniper" button located on the mouse, as I struggle with shots when zoomed in. The issue I am concerned with is being able to use the mouse on a Mac. Are there any pieces of software that would allow me to do this or does anyone know if I can do plug and play, much like what I was able to do with my older DeathAdder. My other contemplation is getting the newer version of the DeathAddder, but I like the idea of having a couple extra buttons. Your thoughts and opinions are most welcome.
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  1. Would anyone have any suggestion as far as who I might contact for the information that I am seeking?
  2. The problem is that without mac software/drivers for the mouse it will not work properly on mac.
  3. Would a program like usboverdrive or steermouse ( or something like that) fill in where the software is lacking for the mouse?
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