Motherboard Failing??

Hi everyone. I have a system that keeps shutting off as soon as Windows begins to load, sometimes it doesn't even make it that far. It WILL stay on when in the BIOS but as soon as the black screen comes for Windows to load it shuts off.

I've checked the temps and everything appears to be fine. It is not over heating. I know over heating can cause shut downs but temps are low to normal. I swapped the HD with another known working one, same thing, I've swapped the PSU with a brand new one, same problem. I've set the BIOS back to defaults.

It seems to me like the motherboard that's failing or the CPU..the PC shuts off. The weird thing is is that it seems to stay on in BIOS. Any thoughts?
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  1. Check the connection cable. It could be a mobo issue.
  2. It isn't a connection or cable issue. I've checked.
  3. sounds like it the gpu that has a bad part on in. in bios or dos it using very little power and gpu ram. when the windows logo pop up the gpu is now running at it standard votage and temp and loading the system. you could have a bad gpu or bad power chip on the mb. if you have onboard vidio or another video card i would try them both.
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