HD 5670 on a 300W PSU?

I've finally decided to get the HD 5670 Graphics Card: http://www.ebuyer.com/190138-sapphire-hd-5670-512mb-gddr5-hdmi-dvi-vga-pci-e-graphics-card-11168-02-20r

The only problem is that the recomended psu is 400w on the website were i want to buy it, however looking on different threads on forums such as this website and other websites and also the feedback left in the website provided above there are people who say that the card can run on 300w psu, do you think the card will work for me?
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  1. It depends on the brand and model of your PSU.
  2. hello,
    i'm not really familiar with that brand, but you could try. If you want a new psu to run the card and many other in the future i would recommend this one:

    Its a Corsair CX430 (430W) and its popular for its durability and is able to provide the 430W easily. Also it's $44.99
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