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can i fit a micro atx motherboard in a dell optiplex 745?
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  1. honestly you should make a new computer with your motherboard all together. Dell optiplex 745 is very out dated.
  2. I already upgrade my cpu to a quad core its oc but it has an lga 775 socket so i was going to get a lga 775 motherboard with ddr3 memory that is why. But to my original question will it work?
  3. You will be hard pressed to find a ddr3 socket 775 board now days as it was at the tail end of that board when they supported the slowest possible ddr3 speed you can find. But in any event here is one. Keep in mind your cpu is 3-4 years old now. I upgrade my core 2 duo last December felt like I was wheeling off a elderly man to a retirement home.
  4. so as long as i get 8gb of ram at better speeds than ddr2 ill be happy
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    barely just barely
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  7. btw im not looking for ultra super perfect airflow gaming rig thats maxing out bf3 and crysis. I just wanna play lol, dayz, and star wars. So i have a low profile video card, and core 2 quad q8300 oc.
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