Budget $600 need a new comp

Hey I am currently looking for a new comp. I'm horrible with the whole tech and really don't know what to look for. I simply want to play starcraft 2 at around mid/high and other online games. I would rather get a premade comp than make it myself and I am currently looking at computerlx.com but the on board video cards are making me cringe. I'm not an overclocking kinda guy but would like the option for it, easily upgradable would be nice as well. Any help would be nice and appreciated.

my budget is $600 dollar need a os, keyboard,and mouse
do not need a monitor though
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  1. Purely for gaming performance, take a look at the latest $500 SBM builds from Tom's hardware.
    You might have to go down to 6850 to get os, keyboard and mouse to fit, but it's going to be close.

    Getting a reasonably one that is premade at that price will be a tough call though.
  2. Start with either of these and just add an OS such as Win 7 64-bit or you can even download the Windows 8 developer build to use in the mean time (it's free, but glitchy)



    Either is a good basis for you to start. If you're new, you may want to go with the Intel build as you won't have to deal with oveclocking just yet, but I would go with the AMD build :D. On the AMD build I would go with the the Xigmatek Asgard II case though or the NZXT Source. Choose a case you like but make sure to read reviews on it so you know it can match your needs in the future and will last you.
  3. hmmm the thing is I never made a computer before and it's not my money, its my parents, so I need something that can come premade to avoid all that hassle. Should i just wait until I save up a bit more and wait till thanksgiving for a black friday sale or something like that?
  4. Phenom II x4


    G skill 4gb Ram


    Antec 430w


    Asus Am3+ Motherboard


    Coolermaster Elite 430


    Radeon 6850

    Seagate 500gb Hd


    Windows 7 64bit OEM


    Sony DVD burner



    It will easily play SC2 and any online game out there. It's after rebates, before rebates it would be about $620. If you really want to cut down and get it to less than $600then just get a cheap $20 case.

    You can also save money and opt for a cheaper GPU

    The 6790 which is $100

    So, it would be about $550.
  5. ^ a 430w for a 6850? that seems a bit low to me :)

    anywho, if it MUST be premade, then i would wait for black friday / cyber monday :)
  6. anyone know a good company to buy from cause cyberpower has given me a bad experiance bought the comp and no internet with the drivers installed, did everything even tried at my friends house to fix T_T. And I think I'll wait for cyber monday/ black friday
  7. mouse24 said:
    ^ a 430w for a 6850? that seems a bit low to me :)

    anywho, if it MUST be premade, then i would wait for black friday / cyber monday :)

    I'm using that same 430W. It has 28amps on the 12 rail, and the 6850 needs 22 a for the whole system. An I7-920 system with a single 6850 uses 276W in furmark.
  8. Guys read his post he is looking for a pre-build PC not to build it him self I know most people will post he should etc.. but thats not what he asking. That being said like the others here I build my own PC's so it hard to recommend a prebuild supplier my question to you is do you mine buying one from a local shop ? or are you looking to buy from a major shop like say dell, best buy, tiger direct etc..
  9. Screwy posted a perfect build. I'd just replace that Biostar MoBo with an ASRock H61M.
  10. I would encourage anyone to try to build their own PC. its not hard and saves a ton of money
  11. If you can use a screwdriver and read a manual you too can build a PC :D. It only seems scary at first. If you want to buy one though then yeah check out cyberpower or ibuypower. I say get this and upgrade the video card to at least a 6750

  12. well yeah im willing to buy one from a local pc shop and not really looking for those major brands
  13. Also i would be fine with making a comp but again it is not my money ._.
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