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Hi im looking to change my graphics from nvidia 8600 GT to something HDCP compliant as I cant play blu rays. I dont play games on the PC. Looking at the Nvidia GT 430, GT 440 or GT 220. Help please............. looking to spend about £60. What are you thoughts on this card:- (might have to copy and paste into browser).

Any info would help. Thanks

Current system is:-
Asus P8P67 Mobo
i5 2500k CPU
8GB DDR3 Corsair Vengance ram
2TB HHD Raid
LG Blu ray writer
DVD Writer
Win 7 Ultimate
Geforce 8600GT Graphics
Corsair H50 Water cooling
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  1. Forgot to mention my displays are an LG E2250V HD LED monitor and a Philip LCD VGA monitor so need dual output but not essential.
  2. If You Arent Gaming Id Say The GT430
  3. Even though the GT 440 is 1GB of GDDR5.?? Thanks for the reply Hella - D
  4. I also edit photos and HD video if it makes a difference???
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