Asus rampage extrme iv motherboard with corsair PSU ax1200 not powering up

just made asus rampage extreme iv motherboard with PSU corsair 1200 using cm storm trooper case is not powering up and/or boot up. no power on the cm storm trooper and fans is not working but led on motherboard is lit up. what is wrong?
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  1. Perhaps the power button is faulty. Invert the power with reset connections -- then try starting from reset button.
  2. test the PS pull the main connector off the MB and jumper the green wire to one of the blacks. This should power on the PS.
  3. Did it work ever or is this your first time trying to start it ?Also you discharged or grounded yourself while putting it together ?
  4. did you connect the the power switch from the case to the motherboard?
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