Would a new router be faster?

I have an SMC Barricade 10/100 Mbps router that is about 5 years old. Have there been any significant changes in the technology over the past few years that would give me a noticeable speed boost (at least 10-15% faster)if I bought a new router?

I am planning on building a brand new system to replace the dinosaur I'm currently using, so I figured I'd take a look at the the equipment I'm using to see if improvements need to be made aside from the computer itself.

Thanks for any information and advice.
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  1. Speed, probably not. Features and security, yes.
    If you arn't in need of any more advanced features on your router and the one you have is working great keep it.

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  2. Now a 10/100/1000mbit router would increase transfer speed.

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  3. If you had gigabit cards...

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