Issue with Windows 7 64bit

I have an issue with memory in Windows 7 64bit!!

I'm using a Acer Aspire 5100 Notebook. I have 2x2gb ddr2's installed. Issue seems to be these are the largest modules made in ddr2 configuration. But I am showing total installed ram of 4gb, only 3.75 is useable... I did the best option and ent out and bought Windows 7 64 bit because I WAS using Windows 7 32 bit and was limited to a total useable ram of 3.5x... This expense of the new operating system does not justify .25 ram increase.

Is there anything I can do to get the total 4gb as useable? I have 2 32gb USB zip drives I am using with readyboost as commited to pagefiles. Is there anyway to use them as Ram Disks?

Is there a docking station that will accept more Ram to overcome the ddr2 limitation? I have no other issues with the Acer Notbok as all functions are (including Orbicam) working to perfection! I do not want to move on to another Notebook. We are using 6 Acer's (5100) that were donated to our school here in Chiang Mai Thailand. Our school pretty much runs on donations, so you can see why we want to stick with the Acer's

Any Idea's??

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  1. Its the built in graphic which shared system memory. Your pc is fine.
  2. Excuse me...

    Your response is answering which question I asked??

    Sorry.... I am lost...

    (as politely as I could...sorry, don't misunderstand..ok?)
  3. I am answering about total 4gb use.

    You cant use 32gb usb zip drive as ram drive, even if you can, you will get no benefit from it.
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    And really 4GB is plenty for a laptop. The money for windows 7 64 bit was wasted as you could have installed 64 instead of 32 for free since you already have a license.

    They do make 4GB DDR2 SO-DIMMs, but they are expensive s no one uses DDR2, and again, not really needed on a laptop
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  6. Ok.. Understand.
    Mubin... can I not use the 32gb for page file and dedicate it to readyboost??


    Unksol... Here in Thailand, sometimes internet is slow, but we have found a way to increase (stablize the signal) but we need ram memory to do it. This way memory is not bottlenecked by USB port limitations and Aspire 5100 has no ps2 port to utalize adapter (USB/ps2). Now extra ram can be used as a buffer (really big!) so when signal is at it's highest Buffer get filled.. so when signal drops it not seen as we are reading buffer.
  7. davidstipek said:
    Ok.. Understand.
    Mubin... can I not use the 32gb for page file and dedicate it to readyboost??

    Yes, you can. Go to device properties and select Readyboost tab. Then choose Dedicate this device to Readyboost and apply. You will get some boost.
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