Upgrading from Gts 450, any takers!!!

So, I'm going to break down and by BF3 or Rage. Currently, I have TR2 Thermaltake 600w, 4gb xms Corsair 1600, 965be with tx2 cooler master heat sink, and 890fxa- gd70 board and of course the gts 450. I would like to know what to upgrade to.
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  1. Well, that question is a tricky one.
    -How much are you willing to spend?
    -What's your screen resolution?
    -at what settings do you want to play?

    Once we get that cleared up, might make a choice clear. I can tell you right now that upgrading to anything less than a 6950 probably isn't worth it.
  2. screen res 1920 x 1080
    medium to high
    300 hundred dollar budget for the video card and if needed more for other components on the list. I was told that my psu will be fine for now for single card usage.
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