ERROR! And system shuts off

Hi guys and girls.

So I'm was migrating my pc to a new case, with the intention of installing a new graphics card (460GTX)
and an SSD for the first time (m4 128GB).

I've plugged everything into the new case other than the two upgrade pieces, as I wanted to go in and back up everything first.

But now when I turn the system on, it gives me this error:

floppy disk fail 40
cmos checksum error defaults loaded

I can go into BIOS or hit F1, but PC won't boot. It gives the error:


But then the system shuts off after around 30 seconds to a minute!!

These are the computer specs:

Nvidia NForce 750i SLI FTW (mobo)
Intel Core 2 Quad 9400 2.67Ghz
OCZ PC2 6400 Gold 2 X 2GB DDR2 1066
WD Caviar 500GB SATA 3.0 Gb/s (Primary)
WD 160GB (IDE)
Antec True Power Trio 550W PSU

I've disconnected the optical drive (an IDE drive) and the WD 160GB just to get rid of an IDE problem, but no avail. Problem persists.

What do I do?
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  1. I disconected everything but the MN CPU Memory GPU. I hit the CMOS Clear button. I then turned on the device

    It runs into black screen and says it sees the CPU and memory and then says none to IDE and SATA's.

    But then it says

    Floppy DIsks fail (40)
    CMOS checksum error degaults loaded

    I can press F1 to continue or Del to enter BIOS, but I just let it sit there for a minute. It shut off in two minutes.

    But now, it shuts off almost even before the system runs upto display the errors.

    This is really confusing.

    Also, don't know if this is important, but the POST code displayed is 7F.
  2. slcmike said:

    I don't know if it applies since the same problem appears to happen even if the HDD is not connected. But nevertheless, is there a specific solution on that link that you wanted me to try?
  3. I hit F1 and it gives me a DISK BOOT FAILURE message.

    I let the computer sit for 15 minutes, and turned it on again. It stayed on while I flicked around the BIOS for a bit and turned off.

    It keeps shutting off, anywhere between 10 seconds of turning the system on to 5minutes.
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    - Pull off and reseat the cpu, visually check the socket to make sure there is no damage.
    - Check to be sure there is adequate thermal paste on the cooler and that the cooler is tight to the cpu when installed.
    - Pull the ram off and install one stick back on the board then try it again. If that stick doesn't crash it then pull it off and try the other.
    - If you have on-board video, remove your video card installed now and run off of the mobo's video connection.
    - Open your case and turn it on, verify all fans are spinning as they should. Not weak and slowly.
    - Remove ALL peripherals such as optical drives, card readers, pci expansion cards, non-OS hdd's and try it again.
    - PSU tester...if you have one this is the time to use it. If you dont, take it into your local comp store and see if they wouldnt mind letting you use theirs. Or swap out the psu with another.

    Is this a new HDD? Did you just install the OS?
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