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Hi guys, new to the forums here. I have an old laptop with a broken monitor and decided i'd like to turn it into a semi portable desktop. the laptop is a Toshiba Satellite A105-1712, and i'd like to make a dell lcd monitor work of the same power supply (the power cable).
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  1. I don't understand what you want to do.

    The laptop takes 19V DC, and most monitors take 100-240V AC. I mean, at best you can splice together the two cables prior to the power brick, but that makes no sense since you can buy a cheap power splitter that will be safer to use and just as cheap.
  2. Yeah, you can't do that. The monitor has to run off its own power cable.
  3. what kind of power splitter are you talking about.. yeah i didn't think i could really wire a dc and ac into one... sorry for the lame questions..
  4. I meant that if you only have a single wall outlet you could get something like this (although this one is expensive) -

    It is hardly worth it, but it is better than splicing your own.
  5. ok thank you very much
  6. ok i had another thought because the battery on the laptop is shot and i'll be running a monitor on ac... can i wire the 120 supply directly to the power cord of the monitor effectively making it one cord
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