New SATA DVD Drive has no power and not detected in the BIOS

Hey Techs,
I Recently Changed my Motherboard cause the old 1 was damaged.I Replaced my HDD to a WD 500 G.B and to a new DVD Drive because the old 1 stopped working.
Even after replacing it to a new DVD Drive, there's no change.
It is still not working :(
The Drive is not opening, and the SATA is not detected in the BIOS.,
All the wires are perfectly fit into the right place (checked it a lot of times!!!)
All the other components are working fine. someone pls help me out!! :(

NOTE: I installed my new OS with a Bootable USB
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  1. All drive controllers enabled in BIOS? Have you tried different connector on the board?
  2. I guess you have power hooked up to it? Try another power plug?
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