Does increasing Graphics memory make games run faster?

I have an AMD E1 Processor with AMD Radeon HD 7310 on Board graphics. It has 384 MB dedicated and memory and 1834 MB shared memory. I can't find option in bios to change memory. Is there any other way to increase game performance? Games run very slow like NFS HP 2010 gets only 15-10 FPS. I use game booster but it doesn't do any help and also advanced system care.

SPECS: HP 2000-2a28dx
AMD E-1 1.4 GHZ Processor with AMD Radeon HD 7310 Graphics
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  1. Increasing graphic card memory does not really help video games, when you increase it you only help the game play better under higher resolutions. The truth is that its the graphic's card architecture that has the biggest impact on gaming, if you want try lowering the resolution to experience better frame rates. If you are not satisfied with that video card and plan to play some demanding video games then I highly suggest you upgrade to a HD 7770.
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