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Is a 4 core system useful to a non gamer?

I am a non gamer, I want to build a new computer that will be able to run fast on Windows 7 64 bit operating system. Is it worth my money to buy the AMD FD 4100 and Asus M5A97? I would also like to OC the System.
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  1. Do you do any kind of Encoding,Video rendering or photo editing?
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    yes it would be nice to have a quadcore even for a non gamer.

    the price difference nowadays is very little and an amd quad core is actually the lower end of the cpu list.

    I would suggest not the FX 4100 but instead getting a 965 or 955 if you can or a 960t as they are better cpus at lower prices tho the fx will oc better if you are wanting to do that.
  3. Sure, if you do things that can make use of 4 cores like video encoding or graphics rendering.
  4. if you really want a quad, and dont really ahve use for it, you can check out the athlon II x4 series, the prices are great right now,

    but since you are not a gamer im guessing you will not be getting a gpu, so you might want to check out the amd fm1 quads, great for anything non gaming related
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