Black screen on boot - help!

This latest PC rebuild is driving me crazy. Here's the breakdown:

- Wife's PC starts crashing. Error codes indicate RAM. Test RAM in other computer, working fine. Runs memtest in other PC fine too. RMA motherboard assuming busted RAM slots.
- RMA board comes in. Reinstall - mobo won't even power on. No fans, no lights, nothing.
- Frustrated (and living close to a Microcenter...) I purchase a new mobo, a new case, new RAM, new PSU. I set it all up and: memtest flashes on the screen (CD was in there from before, auto booted to it). Test seems like it might be frozen. Power down. Power up again: lights/fans/etc. power up but nothing shows up, just a black screen. No beep codes.
- Strip out the machine, isolating components one by one. Work through the Tom's Hardware checklist one by one! Breadbox the machine. Still nothing. Just a black screen. Remove RAM, same thing - and no beep codes.

At this point, the only thing I have not changed is the processor and the graphics card. Pins all look straight though. And nonworking graphics card wouldn't explain why the issues with the previous motherboard happened.

What's left to try? At this point, I feel cursed. I need to get this back up and running tomorrow - marital bliss depends on it.

Processor: AMD FX 4100 Black Edition
New Motherboard: Biostar TA970XE
New RAM: 1x8GB 1600 Ripjaws Vengeance
GPU: GeForce 210
New Case: Raygo R12-40835

Previous motherboard: Gigabyte mATX GA-78LMT-S2P
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  1. It was the %^*$ processor... Replaced it with a new one and all is working well again.
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