Adding a second video card to HPE 590t

I bought an HPE 590t with 24GB of memory and an AMD Radeon HD 6570 which has a standard and hi def outputs.
I'd like to have 3 screens on my desk (currently I have 2 active ones, and on inactive). I'd also like to have a hi def output to my TV since, when not working, I enjoy movies.
My tasks do not require a gaming video setup, but I would like a second card with 2 output ports.
1. Is it doable (I am into software not hardware)
2. Should I just get another Radeon card?
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  1. This depends on your power supply. Depending on the quality of the PSU, you may or may not be able to draw enough power for crossfire. You can check here for the power draw along with comparisions to other GPUs:
  2. Quote:
    well, the 6570 should be able to allow Tri-screen on it's on, with a display port-DVI adapter using eyefinity,
    There's really no need for a second card

    Could you explain. I see only two exit ports on the card, one is a hi-def output, the other a standard output. Where is the third output?
  3. Thanks,
    I have decided to simply get 2 larger screent (30") as the price of these is falling rapidly. That way I eliminate the need for extra hardware in the computer.
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  5. Quote:
    make sure it's 2560*1600 or something like that or u wont be getting much desktop real estate from them

    Thanks, I intend to get one with this or higher pixel counts.
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