Installing Microsoft Office Professional with Windows 7

I'm trying to install M O & Pro on my laptop. I enter my serial # it checks it as correct. It then asks me to browse for my CD and identify the correct drive. I do that and it tells me it is not the correct drive or path for Office? What do I do?
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  1. So, you insert the Office DVD into your optical drive and then you start the installation. After entering your product key, you are then presented with a window to find the location. Is that correct? Or, are you installing from one of the downloadable versions of Office?
  2. Try
  3. It sounds like you're installing an MS Office Upgrade and the installation DVD is looking for the previously installed version of Office.

    Can you please verify to all else here that you actually have a full version of Office (so we know that's not the issue)?

    -Wolf sends
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