XFX Graphics Cards - Register for Support !?!?

Folks, Just a warning and a heads up. I just bought an XFX 6870 HD card. I'm sure it is a good card. My problem is the XFX web site. It forces you to register and provide a lot of irrelevant personal information before you can download drivers. They justify this with some disingenuous blurb about providing "the best experience". I'm sorry but I trust these folks even less than Sony and if Sony can be hacked .... well ....

Be advised, Paul.
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  1. XFX support is a joke. I would never buy anything from them again, i have bought 2 cards previously. But just FYI, you dont need to download drivers from XFX, you can download them directly from AMD's site.
  2. @iam2thecrowe , watch your language. :non:
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