6870 BSOD issues

Just did a new build. I keep getting a atikmpag.sys bsod message. From what I've read it has to do with the ati drivers. Here is my system:

gpu: sapphire radeon hd 6870
psu: antec 550w
mobo: ASRock H61M/U3S3 ( the description on newegg did not mention it had onboard graphics and this does) I did disable it in bios.
Ram: Gskill 2x2gb
case: RAIDMAX Quantum ATX-798WB
Win 7 64 bit

Couple questions since I am still new to building. This is my 2nd build in 2 weeks. The first went flawless but this one has me pulling my hair.

Any chance the 550w is not enough power for the 6870? After every boot if I try WMC the screen turns black, flashes and get the amd driver shutdown message then blue screen. It also happens just by changing the wallpaper to one of the aero ones.

When installing other drivers how can I turn off windows automatically installing a driver? I've booted in safe mode and it still does it.
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  1. IT is likely a bad videocard, not a driver problem but if you still think it is, is the driver up date? If you check and driver is up to date and still get problem, either use your OnBoard Video(See if BSOD still occur) or call the store/manufacturer and tell them you need a replacement(If you dont get BSOD with OnBoard)...
  2. That's what I was afraid of. I will try the onboard and see right now.
  3. Hasn't crashed with the onboard graphics. So it's best to assume I have a bad card?
  4. jdawg72 said:
    Hasn't crashed with the onboard graphics. So it's best to assume I have a bad card?

    Most likely yes, but i would recommend using the onboard for awhile or a week to give it a shot and see if it still BSOD, if not, after a week, you can put the videocard back on and see if it BSOD, if it does, replace it, Call the manufacturer that the video card is a bad one or is causing problem... Also that's why people want onboard video because of 20% of the time the video card are dead/causing problem...

    ONE PROBLEM: Your PSU may not be enough and it's probably why it caused BSOD... You should buy a cheap $40 650w PSU to test it out, I just remember that you said the driver stopped working even though it's not OverClocked... I Would Highly recommend buying a cheap 650w PSU to test it out... High Amps of the 12v Rail is better, i assume your 550w PSU is around 25-30 amps which is bad/too low for the video card...
    As you can see on this link, it uses 350Watts already and other parts probably uses around 150watts...
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