Lexmark 7600 series printer - windows 7 USB connection issues


My computer runs on Windows 7 Home Premium SP1. I downloaded the latest installation software for my Lexmark X7675 Professional inkjet printer and installed it. I chose the USB cable option and when I plug in the USB cable driver installation proceeds without problems until it says that the drivers has been installed correctly and the printer is ready for use. The printer is also available on the Printers and Drivers manager of Windows.

But, to test the printer, I tried to print a page from MS-Word by clicking Ctrl + P> OK. The document is sent to the spooler where it just sits with the status "Printing". Furthermore, when I try to adjust the printer properties from Word by clicking: Ctrl + P> Properties, the window just freezes and there is no response.

Also when I click: Ctrl + P> Find Printers, in MS-Word, a fault message immediately pops up that says: The Active Directory Domain Services is currently unavailable"

I sometimes also get a Lexmark error message that says that there are communication problems.

I already spent a day installing and uninstalling the Lexmark software and drivers, as well as various other tricks offered by the Lexmark fault wizard.

I found that sometimes when I reboot the computer that the document hanging in the spooler gets printed out while rebooting.

However, the printer can't seem to print normally when I click print or when I try to print a test page from the printer's options box.

The printer is coupled by means of Wi-Fi to the home Wi-Fi network and another computer prints faultlessly to the Lexmark with the same software and drivers but just using the Wi-Fi option.

Any suggestions on how to get this computer to print via USB cable will be welcome
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  1. Bump up
  2. Any ideas? I'm still grappling with the problem.
  3. Jochie said:
    Any ideas? I'm still grappling with the problem.

    Did you ever get a solution to this problem. I've recently upgraded to Windows 7 and am now getting the error message that my laptop is not communicating with the printer. I've uninstalled and re-installed the printer and it looks to be set up fine, but still can't print.
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