Does 12 volt wattage matter ?


i wanted to get a psu but all my sales services only have psu's tht go up 2 25a on the 12v rail. so i was wondering if tht would be enough to run a 560 ti or would i have to step up :/

thnx in advance

(meant to say amps)
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  1. 2x 25a should be fine for a 560ti. Whats more important than looking at those specs is the particular make and model. Please give us the make and model of psu's you are looking at and we can recommend you something.
  2. this is the 1

    but note im only using newegg as a reference site. where i live shipping is too expensive, so i have to shop local and tht is all they really have tht is powerful
  3. You could run a pair of 560's with that
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