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I just built my computer, ive had some issues with booting, it would start then it would die for a few seconds the start over then work fine. Recently when i was restarting it, it just died, Ive tried pressing the power button but it does not respond, nothing turns on.
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  1. I wasnt totally retarded, i already checked that link.
  2. miller-brandon said:
    I wasnt totally retarded, i already checked that link.

    Ya, I missed that part in your initial post where you stated that. :ange:
  3. So you've worked thoroughly through the bible of non-bootedness and its still not working?
    at all?
    no component is functional?
    well if its not covered there I have nothing to offer but condolences on your dead Rig
  4. When you say it would start and then die, do you mean it would make it into an OS and function before dying? Or does it post and then die?

    From what you describe my initial gut feeling would be to point a finger at the PSU. Sounds kinda flaky and reminds me of what happened to me on my last build. Had an Antec 850W do something similar. Booted a few times then died for good. Just RMA'd it and no more issues.

    I know the link from above highlights the PSU as possible issue, but it is at the very end of the suggestions. Just double checking that you attempted some sort of troubleshooting related to the PSU?
  5. i figured it out it was my psu. Idk why but it was semi functioning the whole time.
    it finally just completely died.
  6. It was a corsair tx850. heres a link to one on newegg
    I did an rma and the new one is perfect.
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