Hd 5770 media decoding problem

i, i have a problem with my diamond 5770PE51GXOC radeon HD. Whenever i watch HD movie, the system crashes every 30 mins. it also happens when i run window 7 experiment index and the system freezes when it gets to the "media decoding".

and here is my specs:

mother board : evga x58 sli

power supply : cosair 650 W

graphic card : diamond 5770PE51GXOC radeon HD

cpu : intel core i 930

memory : 3 x 2 GB Kinston HyperX

i have tried the followings and none of them is working:
1. installed a new operating system.

2. update bios. set it to default.

3. update newest driver for the card.

4. tested it on another PC and the result still the same.

5. replaced current PSU with Corsair TX850M Modular 850W 80 Plus Bronze PSU

6. tested with an EVGA Geforce GTX 460 1GB GDDR5 PCie SLI ready and this one works fine.

please help me with this because i have spent 2 days to figure out the solution for this

edited : when the GPU runs at full load, maximum temperature is 64 degree Celsius so i don't think temperature is the problem.
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  1. Newest driver from the net, no?

    You also should consider the possibility that you have a bad card. Write a mail to where you bought the card or to diamond or call them and ask for advice. Worst case you get a new card, if it is still covered by warranty.
  2. Do you get the blue screen of death, does your machine simply reboot, or does it power down, or does it suddenly shut off?
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