I want to upgrade from Radeon 5850

I want to upgrade to something better i like to play on high setting and i am seeing some lag but mainly i want to upgrade for BF3 i want it running smooth like a babies bottom.
PC specs are
I7-930 OC to 3.8
radeon 5850
6gb g skill 1600
runing everything in 1920x1080
Reg 7200 RPM caviar blue HDD
Now i am seeing there are those 6870 cards u can get 2x from sears for $363.15$(shipping included) are these the best upgrade for the money ?
If i sold my used XFX with still warranty on it i could get 200$ towards this crossfire.
Or is it better to wait for AMD to release their next gen cards, sorry i don't know when that could be i bought my pc year ago and stopped following pc tech since then.
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    You can add another 5850 in there. The HD 6870 has just about the same performance levels as the HD 5850. How much is your overall upgrade budget?
  2. if u want to upgrade i think u should upgrade to the hd 6970 but that of course depend on UR Budget but the hd 6870 is very near to the hd 5850 in performance and the hd 6950 is better but if u want to have a better performance than the hd 5850 i think u should go to the HD 6970
  3. I think that hd 6950 will be a good value for money upgrade
  4. If you overclock the 5850 you can achieve almost the same performance as a 6950 and it's free. If you ramp the clocks up on that card(watch vrm and other temps) you should be able to run BF3 on your monitor no problem.
  5. i already have an OC setup for my card in MSI afterburner and i just launch it when i want extra 4 fps but still my budget is around 450$
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