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HD5870 LCS+: screen randomly goes blank, but comes back.

My monitor goes blank every so often. always once within a few minutes or so of boot. But it always comes back within a couple of seconds without errors. although occasionally I get a Display Port Link Failure message. but it never crashes. My temps are fine as this thing is watercooled at stock settings. Running furmark and temps hit around 40-45.

Not sure if it's a driver issue or what, but I just reinstalled windows 7 pro x64 and AMD just released the latest drivers a couple of days ago. I've tried both slots on my Intel P67 Extreme motherboard (DP67BG).

Hopefully someone knows a cure.
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  1. Is your monitor cable attached and secured properly?
  2. Yes, it is very securely connected. I even tried mu HDMI cable as well.

    Not sure what's going on, but it is rather annoying.

    Thanks for the reply
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    Is this happening only with the latest drivers, or with older ones too?
    For how long it's being happening?
    Try if it happens on the nominal speeds /in your signature you state you overclock your processor very hard, try to ease it/.
  4. This has been happening since my new display port monitor(Asus VK278). I thought it was the driver, but when I connect my HDMI monitor (Samsung T260HD) it still happens. However, with the latest drivers it seems to happen less frequently. It's only happened twice.

    Yes, I've been running at stock speeds, but I did enable my 4.5GHz overclock the other day and it is an Intel per-set auto setting in the new 2040 BIOS. It runs fine and cool. Barely hits 60C with Intel Burn Test on my water cooler. In fact, it hasn't been giving me the error as much since the overclock. Now I'm afraid to turn it back down. lol

    Hopefully it is just the drivers.

    Thanks for the help
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  6. It seems to be the driver as it hasn't happened at all since last post.

    Thanks again for the help
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