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Help with VPU Recover ASAP!

Hi everyone,recently im having problems with the VPU recovery.

Each time that i want to enter to a chat page that uses java software,my desktop freezes then turns in black and appears a screen of the VPU recovery,i kinda understand the function of VPU recovery,but what i really dont understand is why is always happening this when i use a chat page,even when i use jdownloader this happens wich uses java too.

I thought maybe the problem was the Catalyst software so i removed the current version wich is the new in and i installed the version that came with my graphics card (by the way its an HD 6670) but the problem continues,then i downloaded a past version of java,current is update 26,i installed the update 24 hoping the problem dissapear but not succes at all.

Why is this happening?why when i use a program/enter a page that uses java?any suggestions?
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  1. Try updating your flash player.
  2. I dont think flash player is making this problem,also its another diferent software.

    Anyway what i done was deactivate the VPU recover and see what happen,the result was a bluescreen telling me that a file called ati2vag is making this problem,just like the next picture:

    I repeat,this only happens when i want to use a chat page that uses java,the page in question is,also this happens when i use the program jdownloader,this does not happen when i play GTA 4 or San andreas,NFS hot pursuit or any current game i have.

    I need really some serious help with this please.
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    Updating flash player fixed my Java issues, that is why I mentioned it.

    Sounds like you need to use driversweeper to clean out all your ATI graphics drivers, including CCC, then re-boot, do not let windows install a video driver, and then install the latest from ATI.
  4. Hi again.

    I really had things to do in my pc so the choice i take was made a fresh install but now i installed windows 7 ultimate 32 bits,i didnt know the origin of the problem,i unistalled java,flashplayer,Catalist drivers,reinstalled the updated versions of the same programs,i run Driver cleaner after uninstall catalyst drivers and the problem still was there.

    I really hope that this time with windows 7 i get better results,for the moment everything is ok.

    Thanks for your answers,and see you next time :D
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